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Use of Website :

By using the Reliable PC Repair website ("Website"), you agree to the following terms and conditions of use ("Terms") and assume full responsibility and risk for your use of this Site and any services or information contained herein. If you do not agree to the Terms of this Website, you should immediately stop utilizing this Website.

By using this Website, you acknowledge that the content here, including these Terms, may change at any time without any requirement on the part of Reliable PC Repair to provide notification prior to the changes nor notification after the fact. All users are responsible for reviewing the Terms and content of this Website for changes. Your continued use of this Website after any modification to the Terms or content of this Website shall be construed as your acceptance of the revisions.

By using this Website, you agree that you will use any services or content of this Website for lawful purposes only. You are prohibited from using this Website to acquire, transfer, store or otherwise move any information, data, content, or material in violation of any US, Canadian or international law (including law pertaining to intellectual property).

By using this Website, you agree that you will not use any services or content of this Website for any commercial purposes without explicit written permission from Reliable PC Repair. Conditional exceptions for the commercial use of this Website are granted to Reliable PC Repair members currently in good standing; please consult the Reliable PC Repair membership terms for more information.

Services For Your Work Or Home :

A person of at least 18 years of age must be present when services are provided by Reliable PC Repair. A Reliable PC Repair agent or subcontractor must receive full access to the product(s) to be serviced, access to your residence, your consent and cooperation to enter your residence or business, and a safe working environment, working space and electrical power. Services may be denied and a $149 cancellation charge will be assessed if a Reliable PC Repair agent or Sub-contractor arrives at the scheduled service time and determines that no adult is present or that the Reliable PC Repair agent does not reasonably have the appropriate access, cooperation, or safe working area. Reliable PC Repair may refrain from providing any services on the basis that the minimum system requirements are not met or the technical needs (including wiring or overcoming physical or technical barriers) or other requirements are unusual or extensive as reasonably determined by Reliable PC Repair.

All the services provided over the phone or in house or onsite are considered final. No Refund will be processed for any of these scenarios.

Back Up Your Data :

Reliable PC Repair will NOT back up any data on your product unless you specifically request Reliable PC Repair to do so prior to the performance of any service for an additional fee. It is your responsibility to back-up the data, software, information or other files stored on your product, prior to requesting service from Reliable PC Repair.

Labor Warranty :

Reliable PC Repair guarantees services provided to you at your home or business for 30 days; however, for repairs necessitated by a virus or spyware, the 30-day warranty is only valid if the antivirus and antispyware protection for your product is installed or updated during the repair or before you again connect to the Internet. If there is a problem with the service provided to you at the Reliable PC Repair store and if you notify us within the 30-day time period, Reliable PC Repair will work to remedy your original problem quickly and at no additional cost.

Reliable PC Repair Software :

Reliable PC Repair may install software on your computer that allows you to obtain additional technology services.


For software installations, Reliable PC Repair may accept End User License Agreements on your behalf.

Product Pick-Up by Reliable PC Repair :

If Reliable PC Repair picks up your product for the purpose of performing a requested service(s) at a Reliable PC Repair location and any damage or loss occurs with respect to your product while in Reliable PC Repair's possession or control, regardless of causation or fault, you are only entitled to replacement of the product.

Limitation Of Remedy :

To the extent permitted by law, you agree that Reliable PC Repair's total liability for damages related to its services is limited to the total amount you pay for the services, and you release Reliable PC Repair from liability for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages. RELIABLE PC REPAIR IS NOT LIABLE FOR LOSS, ALTERATION, OR CORRUPTION OF ANY DATA OR LOSS OF ANY MEDIA FROM YOUR PRODUCT.

Software Refund Policy :

Due to the nature of digital distribution of active license codes, Reliable PC Repair can not offer refunds or exchanges for products once delivered and activation/license key has been viewed. All licensing sales are final.

You may request a refund if you have not yet retrieved the activation/license key from our system. If you have already retrieved the activation/license key, NO REFUNDS will be granted. Please make sure the software works on your system before retrieving the activation/license key.

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